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Carbon atomic computer addressibilty of carbon electron space



Atomic computers are very useful and have many practical applications AND  explain  many tragic events.

For example the  base 16 oxygen atomic computer with hexadecimal atomic mass 16   AND  8 electron orbitals resulted in the death  of 16  8  people  
in the OC  = Oxygen Computer processing region of OC  = Oklahoma City.  



400 × 266 - A Middle School Project of a 3-D Model of the Oxygen Molecule




  Universities and human representatives for address   16OO Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC  deny the existence of   oxygen molecule equation 16OO --> Base 16 electrons  ...molecule alphabet symbol OO  = O2  --> 2 oxygen atoms.



EM = Electromagnetic brain  forms --> EM =  EMployed  scientists working  at universities and corporations    follow the Hollywood  electromagnetic television verision of REALITY  as promoted by  Washington, DC  and the Federal Communication Commission.,    Thus empirical science  data is ignored  
so non-science script writers  can control the   biased VIEWS and incomplete explanations of REALITY as presented to the  general public. 

Science News

... from universities, journals, and other research organizations

Oxygen Molecule Survives to Enormously High Pressures

Jan. 30, 2012 — Using computer simulations, a RUB researcher has shown that the oxygen molecule (O2) is stable

The oxygen atoms in the O2 molecule are held together by a double covalent bond.....

The many structures of oxygen




They theory of atomic computers existant in  tensor space/time  (ten = decimal number = 10)  allows us to consider 2  concepts.

1)  using oxygen base 16  plus  TEN --> 26 ferrous oxide atom.    This allows some humanoids ...using biochemistry knowledge  and bio-math and bio-computer  concepts that are available in college textbooks  ... allows those humanoids to  use symbols and the Herman Weyl tensor   LINK  to upgrade the knowledge software of their hand/writing arm  myoglobin protein processor.

  • Myoglobin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Myoglobin is an iron- and oxygen-binding protein found in the muscle tissue of vertebrates in general and in almost all mammals. It is related to hemoglobin, ...
  • Chapter 2 - Myoglobin

    Myoglobin, an extremely compact heme protein (MW ~ 17 800), found primarily in ... A reservoir of oxygen located in the slow phasic muscle fibers, myoglobin consists of a ... In myoglobin, the heme consists of an organic part and an iron part.

    Biochemistry/Proteins/Types of Protein - Wikibooks, open books for ...

    Jump to Myoglobin‎: Myoglobin functions as an oxygen storage protein rather than ... myoglobin from binding to oxygen by turning the iron state from Fe2+ ...
    Thus we see NATURE's  myoglobin  protein battle in Oklahnoma City  via the bio-computer programmed brain of Timothy McVeigh(t).
    The components of Nature's    myoglobin  protein war are easily identifiable.
    Signal --> Myoglobin oxygen relates  to  numbers 168 viewed as   oxygen  16 , 8 dead.
    Signal --> Myoglobin ferrous oxide IRON atom   VS the Fe = Ferrous oxide ERRORS of Fe = Federal building and Fe = FermiLAB approval of those  Margaret  Mead atomic social science ...nuclear familyanthropology ERRORS.


2) using oxygen base 16  minus   TEN -->  6 carbon atom  atom  AND the possibility  that Nature has an  organic  molecule computer system.


Thus we are  interested is the carbon atomic computer.    Somewhere I read a story that mentioned  the   concept ...the 5th element ...and it just stuck in my brain.  
Weeks later, it raised 2  questions  ...5th element relative to number o  or number 1      AND  was the author  giving  subliminal MIND clues about the periodic atomic table.

The...on the INTERNET..... it seems the concept has been around.

The Fifth Element (1997) - IMDb

 Rating: 7.6/10 - 209612 votes
In the colorful future, a cab driver unwittingly becomes the central figure in the search for a legendary cosmic weapon to keep Evil and Mr Zorg at bay.
Directed by Luc Besson. Starring Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich.
The atomic element of interest .......  Carbon ......the  6th element in the atomic table.


We see the above symbol  C  and number 12.  
Nature's hexadecimal  math table suggests the  data  processing abilities of the carbon atom.





We use copper-wire computer science concepts ...... a model for carbon based information  processors.



Oct 30, 2010 – Intro to cao &store program 1384 views; Hcs Topic 2 Computer .... in which the computer identifies memory locations is known as addressability ...

Computer address ability usually starts with address  0 containing the 1st data .

Thus the carbon addresses  from   o (1st carbon  data bit)     thru  5 (the 6th carbon information bit).

We know from the  existence of organic molecule humanoids .... that their organic molecules may express  emotions  using the atomic English language.
Some of these humanoids ..... have  a  certain CH  = Carbon Hydrogen expression pattern ...... that is.... a  data processing expression pattern.



493 × 289 - We already know that Carbon has 4 electrons in its outer shell and Hydrogen ...


Carbonhydrogen bond activation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Carbonhydrogen bond activation or C-H activation is a reaction that cleaves a carbonhydrogen bond. Often the term is restricted to reactions involving ...


Thus we  see ...... the  organic   chemistry  data processing  ....
the  OUTPUT  data BIT .... C-H activation is a reaction .... .... giving the social chemistry equation 
.............................BIT C-H...........  activation  ........  probably  well-known  to a few  married researchers


Thus, we see the well-kept social chemistry secret of   Nature, the periodic atomic table, and the world chemistry organizations.




Below, we note that the orbitals available occupy odd integer mathematical-physics space/time ..... thus in sense, the world of solids that we perceive are based on odd integer locations in the  mathematical space/time continuum.

It is believed that even integer mathematical-physics space/time are information shells  ..... this being consistent with concepts like Base 2 and  Base 16 and computer word size 32. 

 Thus the odd integers  plus the even integers  ..... would provide some symmetry / balance / and complete the integer  continuum.
More work has to be done in this area ...but we have to start with some speculations.  


Of course, we have the uranium 238 data processing equation.......Base 2  exponent 3 = 8.

Thus we have pieces to a puzzle .... that awaits your analysis.

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