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Princess Diana death with Para-directing paparazzi in PARIS


Humans are organic chemistry structures  living within the fabric of NATURE on the surface of earth.
Many human expressions ...can be considered from the view of Nature's various levels of  existence.

For example,  if we assume that Nature has an organic chemistry government  and organic molecule design engineers ...we can see their building  projects over  the last few million years. Thus the design and  building of biological buildings such as cellulose trees, dinosaurs, and elephants.  Physical humans were just another project. Then evolution continued with the symbolic humans ...... languages, books,  math equations, physics formula, etc.

Now, in year 2012, we notice that  Nature's organic systems have advanced .....and is sending social chemistry data signals in the format  of tragic EVENTS.

Actually, in year 1600, William Shakespeare noticed ......  

All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players

From Shakespeare's As You Like It, 1600: JAQUES: All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances ...
In modern times, "All the world's an organic stage and organic humans are players (p  layer = processing layers)".
Let's look at an event that gives CLUES to the new evolutionary direction  of NATURE.

Death of DianaPrincess of Wales - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

On 30 August 1997, DianaPrincess of Wales, arrived in Paris, France, with ..... lambasted several tabloids and paparazzi agencies following Diana's death.



260 × 190 - When news broke of Princess Diana's death in a car 



!st let's establish nethods of analysis.  Lab scientists have all kinds of  electronic tools, x-rays, etc  ... that  allow them to see the inside of many structures. 
Thus normal vision can't  directly see the inside of some object,   but the lab equipment researchers  have built give them  extended abilities.

The same concept...sometimes works in the English language and English literature. Thus we have  "reading between the lines' ,   symbolism. etc.

Symbolism - Merriam-Webster Online

the art or practice of using symbols especially by investing things with a symbolic meaning or by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible or ...

---> When news broke of Princess Diana's death in a car ...black 1994 Mercedes-Benz S280 through Paris in order to elude the paparazzi


Thus we see Nature's possible signal --> car black --> carbon black --> implies organic chemistry war

ICBA : What is Carbon Black

Description of Carbon Black... ICBA: International Carbon Black Association ... blacks were not very pure and differed greatly in their chemical composition from current ... In the case of commercial carbon blacksorganic contaminants such as ...



1280 × 960 - Carbon Black N2204





Surface chemistry of carbon: an atomistic approach - IUPAC

e.g. the carbon black dispersions

e.g. the carbon black dispersions

e.g. the car      black dispersions



600 × 347 - photos of princess diana car crash


Thus we consider Computer Earth system 370 ....and the  Charles  Dickens concept  ...  " The Tale of 2 Cities".   In modern VIEWS of science ...with IBM BASE 2 binary systems .......we have the " The Tale of Base 2 Cities" .     
Paris --> Par + is --> Parallel information systems ...... occupying some of the 11-dimensions of  geo-physics string theory and EARTH LAB's  molecular structure expressions.


Given the CLUE above about carbon black --> organic chemistry parallel EVENT in the Paris tunnel ......let's consider a theortical model of the situation using existing concepts found in a college  basic organic chemistry text book.

We wish to establish a LINK/ a math mapping/ a correspondence  between the  " TWO CITIES" ............the  "2 different world VIEWS of activities on  the surface of EARTH".   For this particular situation ...the Princess Diana tragedy...we will use the organic chemistry  concepts of:

17.8 Halogen Substituents: Deactivating, but Ortho, Para-Directing


 Let's look at the above chemistry CONCEPT nouns and establish a  symbolic mapping relationship to the tragic event. 

 Halogen ---> Halo + gen --> Halo + genetics --> in human terms


A circle of light surrounding the head of a saint or holy person.

Thus Princess Diana...as royalty ......from Nature's organic molecule government  point of VIEW ........ was an organic molecular humanoid structure of some RANK.  



Para-directing  --->  the  role of the paparazzi = pa + para + zzi  ---> organic molecule  humanoid actors in the  organic theater
ROLE  of para-directing.  The concept of organic theater is well known at  universities in the Chicago area.




A seminal force in the development of Chicago as a world-class theater town, the Organic has had many incarnations since its founding in 1970. After a period of ...


Applying the Chicago social chemistry experiment and theory to   the PARIS  molecular expression drama......

Paparazzi and Driver Found Negligent in Princess Diana's Death

www.washingtonpost.com › World
Apr 8, 2008 – ... death of Princess Diana ended Monday with a jury concluding that her death was caused by the gross negligence of her speeding driver and ...


Above, we see the 1st line words--> Halogens are deactivating groups --> in  the Paris social chemistry world ......

Halo genetics (agent Princess Diana)  was  in  a deactivated group -->the GROUP death:

Princess Diana, her companion, Dodi Fayed, and the driver of the Mercedes-Benz W140, Henri Paul, were  pronounced dead.



Above, on line 2 ..words ---> the sigma complex is shared by the carbon atom bearing the halogen   TRANSLATED  into Nature's mapping language ......we have

sigma --> sig + ma --> signal map

carbon atom bearing the halogen --> math mapping / correspondence ---> algebra  subset symbols ...
car...............bearing the halogen ............. becomes on the earth surface level of REALITY.....
car/automobile bearing  the  Darwinian human selected halogen ....... Princess Diana.


Above we see ...... the tunnel ...the center of the  molecule ring.

Above symbol Br --> becomes the highway /walkway Bridge below

Above symbol E --> becomes the Entrance  to the Paris tunnel





1600 × 1200 - This is the infamous tunnel where Princess Diana and company were 


Above  ..... the chemistry diagram shows a  curved arrow.....a curved force ...that  EXPRESSED itself  below ...in Paris reality  ....... for the world  to see  the new ecolutionarypower so NATURE over life and death.



682 × 400 - princess diana death


 Above, in the chemistry diagram ......words: Meta-attack  -->  becomes the metabolism attack on the people of  GREAT BRITAIN  .... with the first to die ... Princess Diana.   The citizens of England are not concerned about this possibility ..... thus they neglect to research it.


Thus we see CLUES ... some pieces to an interesting puzzle about life and events.





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