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The modern social science wars of atoms, math equations, biochemistry molecules, television photons, English language nouns and symbolic life.

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Runway 26 Alkynes Elimination

Z-Paper  1028


                                  Runway 26 Alkynes Elimination  Reactions
                                                    Lexington,  Kentucky
                     Modern aviation with  Base 16  HEX ’FAA’ curse of  COMPUTER  EARTH


Reference include
Organic Chemistry


Humans  are organic chemistry structures…and thus can be considered as physical, biological   extensions  of  organic chemistry.    In addition, and equally important is the   HUMAN SKULL and its symbolic content ….English nouns/verbs,   music and lyrics,  math ideas, and  organic chemistry symbolic life ………thus giving us   a city of ideas   SYMBOLIC PEOPLE  such as Sherlock Holmes   or Mr.ALKYNES  or Mr.Quadratic   Equation ….with their technical expertise  ..and their  adaption to  social activities …all part of the brain government  and its social science expressions and policies.

Thus  organic chemistry   gives us social chemistry  ……… and  LOVE    …for accurate explanations of how  intellectual traitiors work
their   family bull-story  rackets …in violation of the periodic atomic table FAMILIES of elements  and their Margaret Mead   nuclear arms, elbows,mouth control  treaties signed in 1960 with the Na=11 proton of the sku11 ..hence the atomic government  sodium chloride ... Salt AGREEMENTS  with the  2-legged  humans.


Thus organic molecular  human structures …. have violated the symbol  brain  processor with the English language  WORD OF HONOR …and the population SUM/Total …summit treaty ..with Summit Wisconsin  and hence the Oconomowoc Citizens  and the citizens   SET-UP   of Mark D.TOTZE   to murder his  mother  Gloria TOTAL/Sum  treaty  agent  TotZke .   














Thus  we have interesting social engineering  FEEDBACK systems ….processes familiar to engineers   in various technical areas ….this is just another application  to  social science systems. 

 The   ERRORS and  BULL-Story  rackets   (CAUSE)     ---->  EFFECT  … is to confuse and mislead  the  atomic brain of the  Darwinian selected  Comair airplane pilot to acquire a temporary coma.    His  BUTTONS are pushed inside his cortex computer terminal.   Welcome to BRAVE NEW WORLD.





Of course,  these  social engineering systems have existed for  hundreds of years.  Only recently have sufficient intellectual and symbolic tools existed to penetrate the secret BEDROOM  organic chemistry molecule manipulation language of treason to reason.

In addition,  their  MARGARET Mead HEAD   HUNTER’S   mission --->  Alzheimer’s memory eater  projects  sponsored by human families with many  lines of religious/philosophy intellectual  nonsense ........ in violation of brain electron thought circuit laws and goals. 

Thus the BIG secret  of Fe=Female  ferrous oxide IRON atom  anthropology WAR with the  26 proton of ferrous oxide IRON.
Also,  experts in Margaret Mead atomic bio-physics  nuclear family social laws  ought regard  oxygen base 16 hexadecimal LUNG/brain  policies  of  Hex’fa’=250 family.

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