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The atomic number 6 carbon atom political science WAR --> the Israel 6 Day WAR



Let's look at year 2013 perceptions  of  the secrets of  organic  chemistry human  groups.

We are interested  Margaret  Mead atomic nuclear family expressions VIA  the atomic, bio-physics expression .... messenger DISPLAY vehicle with the EARTH LAB identifier name: humanoid.    The atom of interest is carbon.


Chemical Elements.com - Carbon (C)

Name: Carbon Symbol: C   Atomic Number: 6.


  • Chemical Element
Carbon is the chemical element with symbol C and atomic number 6. As a member of group 14 on the periodic table, it is nonmetallic and tetravalent—making four electrons available to form covalent chemical bonds. Wikipedia
 Below, the carbon  12 --> TWELVE TRIBES   and IS = Isotopes of IS  =   ISRAEL  --->  and the  6 DAY WAR.

The Twelve Tribes of Israel | Jewish Virtual Library

The Tribes of Israel are the traditional divisions of the ancient Jewish people. Biblical tradition holds that the twleve tribes of Israel are descended from the sons ...
Judah - ‎Manasseh - ‎Reuven - ‎Ephraim

The carbon Six Day War - History Learning Site  about the periodic atomic table government and its military atom signals.

www.historylearningsite.co.uk › ... › The Middle East 1917 to 1973

The Six-Day War was fought between June 5th and June 10th. The Israelis defended the war as a preventative military effort to counter what the Israelis saw as ...
Let's show this using the atomic orbitals of excited state carbon found in the valence shell:
Below,  Einstein's  theory of relative viewing positions and sizes   ..... the above situation amplified for DISPLAY on the geography surface of EARTH.






The Periodic Table: Atoms, Elements, and Isotopes - Genesis


Cosmic Chemistry: The Periodic Table: Understanding Elements. Atoms, Elements, and Isotopes. TEACHER TEXT. The following is teacher background ...

Six-Day War

Six-Day War

The Six-Day War (Hebrew: "War of 1967"), also known as the June War, 1967 Arab-Israeli War, or Third Arab-Israeli War, was fought between June 5 and 10, 1967, by Israel and the neighboring states of Egypt (known at the time as the United Arab Republic), Jordan, and Syria. The war began on June 5 with Israel launching surprise bombing raids against Egyptian air-fields.
NEWS in year 2013 ... about year 1967 atomic number 6
Intellectual   THINK TANKS and brain electron shell thoughts s  
--->super-symmetry physics / bio-physics   displayed  below ...
with military tanks that use shells comprised of  atoms with electron shells.
What other DATA examples exist?

The carbon 12 --> Twelve Tribes of Israel and the electron shell WAR in the Middle EAST.

 organic  address space.

Carbon - Science for Kids!scienceforkids.kidipede.com › Chemistry › Atoms

Carbon atoms are heavier than helium or hydrogen, because they have six protons and six neutrons in the nucleus, and six electrons going around the outside.

Images for carbon atom nucleus 
The Division Between Judah and the Ten Tribes - Brit-Amwww.britam.org/division.html‎

THE ORIGIN OF THE LOST TEN TRIBES The DIVISION FROM JUDAH Originally there were Twelve Tribes of Israel.
These twelve tribes split into two sections:  proton section and neutron section 
Thus we see the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family and its
 expressions ---> atomic social  sciences. atomic political science, atomic theology, and atomic economics. 

 For example, what is a proxy vote on  Wall Street corporation common stock? 
Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE  tells us the word:

proxy --> Pro + oxy --> protons of oxygen that interact with your biology  cell WALL for WALL Street insider trading (Inside the human body).

The Twelve Tribes and their  brain TEMPLE secrets of  financial systems.

Israel .... a  EXTERNAL geography DISPLAY region for the INTERNAL Margaret  Mead atomic nuclear family  conflicts of  carbon, hydrocarbons, and organic chemistry molecular continuum.    
Electron shell representation of carbon atom  by the TWELVE tribes staff.jccc.net/pdecell/chemistry/carbon12.html‎

Electron shell representation of carbon atom. VBS Home page, Chemistry Navigator, Previous Page, Next Page. Protons(red), Neutrons(black) electrons(blue).

Israel shelled UK war graves in Gaza - Telegraphwww.telegraph.co.uk › News › World News › Middle East › Israel

Jan 20, 2009 - Israeli shelling has caused heavy damage to the Commonwealth war graves in Gaza City, where British and Australian soldiers were buried ...
PressTV - 
Israel fires artillery shells at Syria 
( representing Sy = Symmetry physics social engineering force) 
swww.presstv.com › Middle East › Syria

Nov 18, 2012 - An Israeli army spokeswoman, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that Israeli artillery fired into Syria early on Sunday after gunfire from ...
Above, nucleus of the TWELVE TRIBES of Carbon
Below, electron  shell message processing region DISPLAY  using the geography surface of EARTH as an unfoirmation systems  output DISPLAY terminal..

Chapter IV.: The Correspondence Between Life and Its Circumstances.oll.libertyfund.org/title/1394/101633‎

Herbert Spencer, The Principles of Psychology [1855] ... Author: Herbert Spencer .... form links in the correspondence between internal and external changes.

§7: THE DATA OF ETHICS (1879) by Herbert Spencerfair-use.org/herbert-spencer/the-data-of-ethics/s.7‎

by Herbert Spencer ... in correspondence with external coexistences and sequences; and still more of that abridged and less specific formula, in which Life is said to be the continuous adjustment of internal relations to external relations. (§7 ¶1).


Let's take a close look at the atomic probability WAR   as played out in the BETTING / gambling area   of BET--> BEThlehem.

Electron density - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This article is about the quantum mechanical probability density of an electron shell. For the shell  number density of electrons in a plasma, also called "electron shell density", ...   ---> the EXTERNAL display  below provides empirical to theorist ...the Theory of  Everything   includes some events in some message processing regions  on  the  geography surface of EARTH. 


IS = Information Systems of the Department of Energy , Office of Science, and world universities and research labs  and their INTELLECTUAL  approval of citizen and government nonsense BRAGGING and  electron mouth BULL-Stories and Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family   ...  social science manipulation SCHEMES that violate the LAWS OF NATURE. 

ISraeli Army Says Mapping Errors Led to Shelling of a U.N. Base ...


May 6 ...... an INTERNAL carbon atomic number 6
electron shell output message   ...displayed 
on  the EXTERNAL  geography surface of the  world .....
 a Computer Earth system 370 geo-physics  
FLAT screen CRT display terminal
using the relatively FLAT land surface as a  display screen
with Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family military activity   ..... 1996 -
The Israeli army said today that ts investigation had found that mapping errors were behind the shell  signaling activity  of a United Nations camp that killed 
Darwinian atomic evolution of the carbon TWELVE TRIBES of ISrael  and their 6  electrons in atomic shells.

Atomic mass ---> massacre of innocents as UN school is shelled 


Above, we have 4 electrons and 2 electrons.

Below, we have  the  super-symmetry physics / bio-physics  mirror  .....

with  the 4 electrons and 2 electrons  human representatives ..... in their attention getting mode of  atomic mass ...
mass communications of television  and newspapers.



Hundreds of Palestinians had fled their homes for the refuge of the al-Fakhoura school, hoping the blue and white flag of the UN flying over the impromptu shelter would protect them from the Israeli onslaught. The UN had even given the Israeli army the co-ordinates for the building to spare it from the shells and air strikes raining down on the Gaza strip.

But yesterday afternoon tank shells exploded outside the school, sending shrapnel into the crowds, killing at least 40 and wounding
another 55 ( 55.84 is the atomic mass of ferrous oxide IRON atoms  at the FermiLAB  site of atomic  Sartre existential  humans that are EARTH LAB specimens with livers and iron Heme group Fe(ii) ions) .






Images for electron probability distribution -->


Syria: Residents in Homs Cower

Under 5th Day of Shell physics social anthropology experiments 


LHC Discovery Maims Supersymmetry, Again : Discovery News

Large Ha = Hadron Collider scientists have detected   .......
a super-smmetry
Large Ha = Hamas Collider    for atomic social scientists 



Introduction to Supersymmetry - Hitoshi Murayama

Introduction to Supersymmetry. 20th century physics has seen two major paradigm shifts in the way we understand Mother Nature. One is quantum mechanics, ...







 Sy --> Syria and Symmetry DEMO. 


Introduction to Supersymmetry - Hitoshi Murayama

Introduction to Supersymmetry. 20th century physics has seen two major paradigm shifts in the way we understand Mother Nature. One is quantum mechanics, ...




Electron shell military tools  for the periodic  atomic table government  that uses  atomic, bio-physics humanoid ... puppet  brain ROBOTS  to  carry out the message process.


Density_vs._probability - Classes*v2

The probability of finding an electron in that range would be the volume of the shell multiplied by the average electron density at the relevant distance. In reality .



How is the energy of an electron-shell related to

the speed of electrons

in that shell?

The square of ψ(x,y,z) gives the probability of finding the electron (parallel)  at that space point ... in the geography space point in the Middle East parallel  electron message DISPLAY region.


Thus we see the complete failure of  citizens, universities and governments in proper diplomatic communications as taught in the elementary school education system.  Instead we have  secret language societies,    cover-ups and citizen rackets,  and     incomplete, biased  newspaper reports.
Educated citizens could   less about accurate explanations about the deeper levels of  REALITY.

Reconstructed 6D electron densities for the i-YbCd5.7 QC and observed atomic shells.

Super-symmetry and the TOE =  Theory of Everything with  brain SYMBOL ENGINE courage / GUTS --->  Grand  Unified Theory systems.

However, the reader of this blog post .... now has a 2nd chance to become more aware of    "HOW   THINGs WORK".


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