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The Herb Zinser Science reports

Science wars have existed for centuries;  look at the year 1632 astronomy conflict of Galileo. The formalization of the astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Planet Earth) WAR ZONE was properly labeled the SCIENCE WARS around 1995. The first description of the 1995 SCIENCE WARS ....concerned the science debates about physics, astronomy, and genetic project priorties, budgets and new funding.  .
The Science Wars are  a hidden war, occasionally mentioned in books. The SCIENCE WARS are really an extension of the 1898 book by  H.G.Wells (The War of the Worlds) supplemented by the warning signals of the authors of:  Brave New World,  1984, Future Shock, etc.

Most newspapers avoid direct discussion of the SCIENCE WAR topic.  They don't have the intellectual desire to explain the deeper levels of REALITY as explained by the modern Margaret Mead nuclear anthropology models of conflict. The models of daily life and conflict are:

--> the atomic social science Hierarchy Problem
--> the surface veneer problem of the STANDARD MODEL of physics daily life
--> the Earth gravity data field war  VIA interaction with   human brain atomic mass thought ERRORS
--> the North Pole magnetic data field war  VIA interaction with  human iron Hemoglobin protein thought ERRORS

In year 2012,  we have detailed examples of SCIENCE WAR events and SCIENCE WAR casualties.  We will  provide  the exmaple VIA  BLOG posts over the next few years.  The BLOG posts  will outline the event as reported in the news; then the BLOG Post will provide CLUES and  an outline  that starts to explain the deeper leavels of REALITY.   That's were you come in.  You are to take these  puzzles and  help explain them in a more detailed manner.

Why are the Science Wars hidden?
They appear to be hidden,    but war data ……that is the surface veneer of war events (date,  countries and cities,  groups involved in the conflicts,  damage caused) is printed in the newspapers   or  broadcast on television news commentary  shows.  Those data sources provide an accurate overview of the conflicts. 

Given those CLUES,  an individual must ask  themesleves …what are the deeper levels of existence that are being expressed VIA these surface displays of conflict.  Then the individual must seek the answer with the help of college freshmen textbooks in math, physics, chemistry, biochemistry, philosophy, social psychology, genetics, etc. Such books can be bought at any  bookstore  or college bookstore. Even high school graduates that didn’t go to college need such a reference library

Thus the blog reader …has a few CLUES   and a  simple outline to a situation and the  textbook symbolic tools to become a modern Sherlock Holmes.   Given the Science BLOG post .... the blog reader can get a pad of paper and an ink pen  …take notes,   draw flowcharts,  then go to the local MAIN library  OR   to your own  textbook  library    
do your own supplemental research to enhance the basic starting clues…… and thus  ….. the blog reader can write   his/her   detailed  model of  the Science BLOG post  NEWS EVENT.    Then …..  after a a few weeks of pondering ….you could  WRITE  your  BLOG  EXPLANATION version  of that  event.      Maybe,  between me and  a few hundred  amateur  researchers   ....we can rock the world  with some  profound  announcements.   It takes time and effort,  but it is very interesting. 

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