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The Madison organic communication continuum experiment equation: HUMAN shell(y) CH with Solomon's textbook.



The Madison, Wisconsin organic  chemistry humanoid  experiments have provided some CLUES on the Nature of  hydrocarbon social chemistry systems  and  Darwinian molecular THOUGHT  evolution  involving  hydrocarbon societal legal systems.

Let's look at the EVENT   provided by the Niels Bohr Institute of Denmark, Europe  and its experiment in the  DANE region of  Madison, Wisconsin ....with the University of Wisconsin ..... providing an excellent  EARTH LAB  site and
a  display  of DANE super-symmetry  .....
with  theory (Europe - Dane country) and applications(North America ---  DANE County with farm country) .

The situation ...the organic chemistry and atomic physics puzzle   ..... displayed using human performers. 


The University  of Wisconsin  and the geography region of Madison thru Milwaukee VIA   potassium atomic number HIGHWAY 19  and atomic symbol crossroads at Country Road K at  Watertown, Wisconsin     ... provides an exciting experimental  data  corridor for  atomic social science  anthropology researchers.
The atomic English language newspaper headlines .....   explained the middle of a language system flowchart.   We shall look at this middle-LEVEL first ..... and then other details provided by the news article ...will explain the  language LEVEL before  the middle LEVEL and  after  the the middle LEVEL.

The end result  will be  a  language flow  thru a system with 3 levels
--->.starting at the atomic level / solar system electromagnetic  LEVEL 1  

--->  organic chemistry  department at the University of Wisconsin with its Madison undercover molecular FIELD agents (using the SOLOMON's college textbook for LEVEL  2) 

--> and then the explicit visible display  in the Madison and Sun Prairie region . VIA humanoid   activities..

The UNIVERSE   and the  Sartre existentialism announcement in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.
DA refers to the brain bio-computer  ..... the brain organic molecule electrons and their electron  logic circuits used in   Madison humanoids. 
The newspaper headline is about an organic chemistry LOGIC conflict within the brain SYMBOLIC  MACHINE .

To perform the social science MESSAGE DISPLAY experiment  in Madison. the Darwinian selection process was used ..... to select from the Earth LAB region of Madison  .... to select from the list of available humanoid LAB specimens ...to select by using the proper noun criteria.    Hence, optimization of the organic chemistry message was achieved by the selection of  a named: Brian  Solomon  ...to be the  parallel to display the evolution of  T.W. Graham Solomon's.
In addition, using the Solar System electromagnetic language  of photosynthesis ....... stem cell research ... that is language stems ....
 like SOL  for SOLAR System ...
suggested that  Brian SOL (Solomon) and his research in SUN Prairie  Wisconsin  .......
revealed more fundamental  information LINKS to the laws of Nature and the UW  physics and engineering departments AND language departments.  

Thus Brain Solo ..... was the number one agent  for a multi-faceted and
multi-dimensional  RD experiment  ....... which include symbols and secret cryptic codes.

First let's look at  the   news article  .....  that provides the EVENT  database and its secret codes.
Now...we are looking at the deeper levels of language and CLUES that are printed in the newspaper.  
The headline  ...... Solomon OR the abbreviation SOL (the word for Solar System) and possibly  a reference to Russian  author Solzhenitsyn.

Can we confirm the Russian connection?
District Attorney office with Shelly RUS --> implies the CLUE ... Rus -->  Russian literature.

Thus the headline  ...DA  won'r pursue case VS Sol.
The news article  ....mentions
Madison Alderman Solomon ........ and his algebraic  subset letter  codes 
................Al.................Sol --> thus suggesting ..... look at  Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

Why is this most likely TRUE. 
We know that atomic bio-physics humanoid Shell(y)  is composed of  electron shells ...and has the physics/ chemistry department identifier of an electron SHELL ..expressor agent. 
The  UW physics and chemistry  department  ..... as members of the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family and  the atomic bio-physics humanoid society in Madison ......make electron shell job assignments  ...... in this case the District Attorney's office that moniters  atomic humanoid social behavior. 
How does this occur?
 The periodic atomic table has many formats of expression.
One such FORMAT are atomic bio-physics humanoids in the Madison region who provide  Margaret  Mead atomic social legal services. 

This is NOT a new concept.
For example ...the physics  departments  have the concept  .. known as:

Renormalization - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
5 Attitudes and interpretation; 6 Renormalizability; 7 Renormalization schemes; 8 Application in statistical physics; 9 See also; 10 Further reading. 10.1 General ...

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View ......... physics is unchanged. This an be summarized by renormalization  group equations such as Eq. (1.55). • Renormalized couplings: We can define renormalized ...

In applied physics .... atomic social sciences and atomic behavior laws ...the physics departments  approved   Janet RENO to represent renormalization equation applications to human life and human religious practices and human daily activities.

Janet Wood Reno (born July 21, 1938), served as the Attorney General of the United States, from 1993 to 2001. She was nominated by President Bill Clinton on February 11, 1993,

The Department of Justice   ..using their superior  physics translators .... interpreted  the  equations for application to society.:

The original concept:
renormalization  group equations ---> . the alphabet symbols / letters became the sequence of concepts -->
Reno  normal  group  --->   thus Washington, DC thinkers  with atomic brain circuits .........  decided that  the words meant the follwing. .....

1) find an abnormal (unusual ) group  like David Koresh in Waco, Texas 
 ...... the Margaret   Mead atomic nuclear family mission of JUSTICE  ..... was to make his GROUP  normal  Via Janet Reno  ......hence you see the key word concepts of the event DISPLAY:

Reno   normal VS abnormal behavior   GROUP of atomic bio-physics humanoids

Janet Reno --> Reno normal group equations 

Thus we see the super-symmetry physics mirrors  in  the multi-faceted dimensions Sartre  existentialism.
.Thus the existence of the FORMAT within the Madison, Wisconsin District Attorney's offices with Shell(y)  ...... comes as no surprise in atomic  societal legal systems.

Also, we must note that mass communications ..known as television, radio, newspapers, print,  graphic arts, etc ...... is REALLY atomic mass communications VIA the atomic THOUGHT message output display bio-device named: writer, reporter, author. 

Now..the news article mentions Sun Praire ,....and looking at the map ...we see
State Highway 19 ....... and in the STATE of MIND ..known as Wisconsin Stae Highway 19 = K = atomic number of the  potassium  thinK system.
Above, we see SUN Prairie with Highway  19   and  County Road N ...... and  below,  we see the EARTH LAB geography display of the atomic road map. 
And, we see the potassium  atomic expressions role of Shell(y) Rusch ...in the orbital symbols  .....in  the above.  atomic expression process.
SP electron orbitals --> SP e --> SPecial agent Dorinda Freymiller.
To confirm the existence of bio-chemistry messenger potassium atoms in some  Madison humanoids ...... we look at the news article again ..
Above words .......
that assistant ................ subset symbols 
.....tass --> Implies TASS news agency signal   from  the Carl Jung atomic  mass collective of  the po.TASSium  unconsciousness from Russia ,,,,,
an atomic bio-physics   subliminal mind LEVEL of existence that  Shelly Rus(ch) has managed to intercept .......  in the  DANE Niels Bohr  region of one of the
11-dimensional regions  of string theory.

ITAR-TASS news agency - TripAdvisor
www.tripadvisor.com › ... › MoscowThings to Do in Moscow
ITAR-TASS news agency, Moscow: 

poTASSium  atoms in
 MOScow --> Metabolism Oxygen Social-conductors 

Thus far we have covered some concepts:

Brain Solomon --> organic chemistry, Solar System,  and Russian author SOLzhenitsyn

Shell(y) Rusch --> the District Attorney's office atomic LINK to the periodic atomic table from Russian ... .
BBC - GCSE Bitesize: Mendeleev's periodic table
www.bbc.co.uk › ... › Edexcel (Pre-2011)Patterns in properties
Mendeleev's periodic table. Another table in order of relative atomic mass. Dmitri Mendeleev (1834 - 1907). In 1869, just five years after John Newlands put ...

Sun Prairie --> Potassium Highway 19 and N
Sun Prairie and the Solar system LINK.

Let's examine that LINK ...  the news article states another  one of the science experiment participants ... was Madison assistant city clerk Elena Berg  who lived in Sun Prairie.  Thus she was an undercover  electromagnetic FIELD agent representing J.CLERK Maxwell ...... as Solomon discovered in her bedroom ..that she  ..being under a blanket ..she was a top secret  under cover agent for ......... UW and
Now..the  message from  from Sun Prairie involved 2  people.

1 person at 37.O  Celsius human temperature ..representing J,CLERK Maxwell 

1 person a 37.O Celsius human thermodynamics representing Solomon's organic chemistry textbook   AND  Russian author Alexander Solzhenitsyn and the cryptic, cybernetic language .... .

Russian (Cyrillic) alphabet and pronunciation
The main languages written on them in an early version of the Cyrillic alphabet were Old Russian and Old Church Slavonic. There are also some texts in Finnish ... --> Finish the project plan of Nature!   It is year 2013. 

The University of Wisconsin  concept of  1  37 --> 

Coupling Constants for the Fundamental Forces
Electromagnetic Force Coupling Constant. The strength ... Using the electromagnetic coupling constant of 1/137 then leads to a gravitational coupling constant ...

Running coupling constants
Similarly, the coupling constant for the electromagnetic interaction has been measured to be about 1/137 in studies of atomic phenomena

Scholarly articles for electromagnetic coupling constant 137  --> thus the Sun Prairie atomic social science experiment done by the scholars  Solomon , Elena BERG,  Shelly RUS pointer to  --> Russian Men ....   Mendeleev and Solzhenitsyn  ...... and then  the  language information process control system FEEDBACK  ERROR signal thru  Brian Solomon  and others.

Thus we see a complex puzzle .... you have some CLUES outlined.

I suggest that you take the CLUES and the outline   ....and re-express them on sheets of paper  in your own words ...your  flowchart ....so the concepts become aligned with your atomic brain configuration.

Basic  college math and science textbooks are very useful  as reference books.

In summary .... we see the 3 levels of existence.

Level 3 was printed in the newspaper  ... the news article describing the DISPLAY event and its data.

Level 2 ...was the keyword SOLOMON  ----> the key pointer to organic molecule behavior, theoretical chemistry , and  Solar System  natural sunlight ..useful for reading a Solzhenitsyn book.

Level 1 ...was keyword SHELL .....as in atomic Shelly RusCH --> the CH communications LINK to the organic level 2 of Solomon.

CH = Carbon Hydrogen ...structures ..... thus the important message of  elctron SHELL(y)   rusCH..

Organic compound - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
There is no "official" definition of an organic compound. Some textbooks define an organic compound as one containing one or more C-H bonds; others include ...
InorganicCategory:Organic compoundsDictionary of chemical formulas

Now, we  have  explained many variables and possibilities in the above outline  ...... with the atomic basis and electromagnetic factors..

A more simpler and direct model of the EVENT  ..that is also TRUE  ...is the straight organic  molecule continuum interpretation of the  social data.
The EVENT equation  with human identifiers ..... organic molecule  human messenger  display vehicles  ...
 Madison organic molecule region with
District Attorney's office  Shell(y)  RusCH   ..... and  Brian Solomon. ..........  thus keywords for theorists are:
Organic Districts ...........shell ...........CH = Carbon Hydrogen   ...Solomon's organic chemistry textbook.
What is Nature's trying to tell us?   What is the secret life of  organic molecule humanoids in Madison? 
The University has a code of silence ...... they ain't talking  ... and they ain't helping figure out the message.
Shell(y)         RusCH 

Shell(y)         RusCH 

Design of organic molecules and molecular assemblies with - IUPAC

The large majority of organic molecules have closed shell electronic structure, i.e.,
they have singlet ground state with equal number of electrons having . and ...
IN theory ..this humanoid named Shelly Rusch exists and walks on ground EARTH (or a sidewalk)  in the soil/ land/ ground STATE of Wisconsin.

Dane County District Attorneys Office - Shelly J. Rusch - Madison, WI ...


and the Niels Bohr  applications verison of DANE  ...

The Niels Bohr Institute – University of Cope TEST ....Copenhagen

www.science.ku.dk › ... › About the FacultyDepartments
by K Jenlev - 2012
The Niels Bohr Institute. The Institute's research and programmes concentrate on understanding and describing the
fundamental laws and principles of nature ...

Dane County District Attorneys Office - Shell ......ch = chemistry attorney in social chemitry evolution




Electron transport characteristics of organic molecule encapsulated ...

xlink.rsc.org › JournalsNanoscale
by SU Lee - 2011 - Cited by 4 - Related articles
One-dimensional carbon 
Brain Solomon transported himself to Sun Prairie for the  Solomon organic chemistry  project. 
Mr.Solomon is a big organic  molecule weighing over 160 pounds  ...and comprised of electrons.
The Mr.Solomon organic molecule encapsulated himself  in a 4-wheeled iron automobile  for his electron transport to Sun Prairie.

Electron Affinity of Organic Molecules - Wiley Online Library

by G Briegleb - 1964 - Cited by 125 - Related articles
All redox processes also involve electron exchange. Finally, the knowledge of electron affinities and ionization energies of organic molecules is necessary for a ...
In Sun Prairie  ....a human electron  affinity  between organic molecules was tried ....... and this is what  organic social chemistry lawyer Shell(y)  rusCH   was investigating.
Madison and the University have some interesting situations.
Thus reading   newspaper data reports   ...... is just the beginning to truly understanding how Madison REALLY works and thinks.
It's something else, man!   I never knew this  was possible.

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