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The Richard Spectroscopy 1966 Chicago Murders in UV = Ultra-Violent Spectroscopy



What Is Ultraviolet Spectroscopy? - wiseGEEK

Ultraviolet spectroscopy, often combined with visible spectroscopy, is a technique that is used in scientific and industrial laboratories to determine which ...... on  Nature's EARTH LAB has application in the Chicago experimental region



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Jump to The murdersAt 11:00 p.m. on July 13, 1966, Speck broke into a townhouse located at 2319 East 100th Street in the Jeffery Manor neighborhood of Chicago. ... read about the "Born To Raise Hell" tattoo in a newspaper story.
Above words --->.... the structure determination ......  people spent  .....  working out the complicated  structures   ..  of  social chemistry.
Thus chemistry --> implies ----> social  chemistry
Thus we see the  molecule / chemistry English language word:  Spectroscopy    ....  becomes    ... in Nature's super-symmetry EVENT physics DEMO ...... the social chemistry version  of the  chemistry PROCESS  word ..... Spectroscopy --->n subset symbols --->  Spec .... copy --> Spec  cop --> Richard Speck and the Chicago social chemistry cop ....  molecule behavior  cops.
Below, page 568 ...with sample human molecule   .... CH  ..... that is RICHARD   Speck   ...

with the chemistry name equation --> Richard --->  Ri + CH + ard   

Paragraph Text

Thus we have EARTH LAB and the sample molecule  in humanoid format.
Theory states that he was composed of organic  chemistry  molecules  with messenger attributes that expressed Nature's anger with Margaret Mead molecular  nuclear family social policy.

Above, we see the words:   extinction  coefficient --> social chemistry extinction of the 8 Phillipine nurses at
East 100th Street....
..... B100D  chemistry ...  Nature's   molecule anger  surfaces to EXTERNAL visible display  at address location 100 ...  error message from year 1966 ought be studied in year 2013. 






Page 568 below  ....... the π --> Pi may be found within the EARTH LAB organic molecule  humanoid structure at FermiLAB.     Notice the   

π --> orbital transition to the director...the
 FermiLAB molecular thinking

star --->π*   = pi * --> the brain electron transitions of  Pi star (Pier Oddone)  

from Nature's Galapagos Island's
evolution region with includes  nearby  Peru. 



 Above... words ..    the starting point and final destination of the electron..

translated in visible KNOWN data about the atomic, organic molecule expressor agent ...Pier ..


Starting point --> EARTH Lab geography surface region of the Galpagos Islands  
with starting point --> Charles Darwin  selection of nearby Peru bio-physics  specimen  ..

... who in his electron humanoid travels    on EARTH goes to MIT  ... an electron bio-physics  Mitochondria brain cell education site   ...... and continues ..... and the
electron final destination --> St. Charles (Darwin), Illinois region.






Above, notice the    π*       σ*  (sigma --> sig + ma --> signal  map  of the STAR electron  mapping display becomes )  

Pi*     σ*    --> the Nature's electron transition into   a larger size electron DISPLAY configuration with  message processing abilities and expression abilities   -->

Pi*      σ*ddone






Below, we see  the  chemistry sentence with keywords:   diene is conjugated  ...possible  UV transitions
   --> thus the transition to social chemistry molecule behavior displays
(using humanoids as .....William Shakespeare  stated  400 year ago " The World is an organic  chemistry molecule display stage  and we are the players  ---> p layer --> processing layers   of thought and behavior).
 keywords:   diene is conjugated  ...possible  UV transitions  --> math-chemistry mapping function  to social chemistry  .. brain command words .....
diene --> subset letter symbols --> die + ne  --> die needed --> death  needed
UV transitions  --> Ultra-violent transitions 





Profile of Richard Speck - Born to Raise Hell --> electron shell 

crime.about.com › News & IssuesCrime / PunishmentSerial Killers
The words "Born to Raise Hell" were tattooed on the arm of the tall,









In other words, the Carl Jung atomic/molecular collective unconsciousness (the GROUP MIND of the 18 families of the periodic atomic table of elements of life and thought)  has  a conflict  with the   human community collective MIND .. that has many errors in perception ...caused by lack of serious study and concern.  Some individuals ... of course ... study hard and think hard   ..... they are not the problem.  The sports mentality  and the music/talk  mentality create  serious  problems in  Nature's social chemistry process control systems that needs accurate and serious information.

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